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The immune system of our body acts as a protective shield to prevent us from such diseases and infections. Good bacteria in our body help to reduce the growth of Candida. The most favourable condition for the overproduction of yeast is when a person has a weak immune system or he is suffering from some disease.

In that case this harmful microscopic yeast can cause thrush or infection. Moist and dark areas of our body are the most common places where yeast infection can occur.

This infection can become the cause of so many other severe diseases, including paralysis, malfunctions in body and damage of brain structure.

List of Common Causes

To prevent yourself from this problem, it is imperative to understand the factors which can contribute in the overgrowth of yeast:


The overproduction of Candida in your body can be avoided by making some lifestyle and dietary changes. A balanced diet, stress free environment and safe lifestyle are vital for a healthy body and mind.

You can help to prevent Candida by following a few simple rules that are described above and you can ensure a long and healthy life.

Causes of Candida

Avoid Sugars and Stress

Avoid Strong Medication

Eat a Balanced Diet


Yeast infections and the body

Research into Candida Albicans