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unhealthy diet and lifestyle are some of the main causes for the over growth of Candida. Yeast infection mostly occurs on the dark and moist body parts and the most common areas which can get affected are mouth, toes, genitals and underarms. Rashes, redness and itching on any part of the body are some of the most prominent Candida Symptoms.

Candida is present in healthy people as well and is generally harmless. Good bacteria help our body to stay safe from diseases and infections. There are many causes which can contribute in the overgrowth of yeast. Living in a healthy and stress free environment, personal hygiene and balance diet are some vital factors which can lower the risk of any type of yeast infection.

Commons Symptoms

Before going for any type of treatment or medication it is important to make sure if someone is actually suffering from yeast infection or is it something else. Here is a list of some common symptoms, which can help you identify this problem:

Understanding the causes and symptoms of Candida is the first step towards recovery. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to delay in the treatment, which can prove very damaging in the end. It is imperative to get yourself checked as soon as you realise that you are suffering from Candida as proper treatment on time can help to avoid serious health problems later.

Realising the symptoms of Candida

Respiratory Problems

Itching and Burning Skin

Digestive Problems


We all live hectic and stressful lives and this can have a serious, detrimental affect on our health and lower our natural body’s defence against attack in the form of our immune system.

Stress can start small but grow quickly and its important we get to understand the signs to help in the fight against yeast infections and other Candida related issues. Try to simplify your life and remove confusion and doubt where possible and try to find time to just rest and do nothing

One of the main causes of Candida

Your body can help you in many ways so spend time understanding it. Increase your knowledge of the basic symptoms of stress and immune issues before they get a chance to take hold and do serious damage to your body. As they always say, it’s easier to prevent than cure

Know your body